Price list

How we fish / Guide 

My top priority is always the clients having a great ,safe day on Zen2 with plenty of great fish on board. Im tireless and never give up working for those moments . Your success is my success . This is my passion and I love to share this day after day . I love to fish, actually I live to fish ! Some clients dont want to fish with a guide they want to be purely guided,  thats fine and I respect that ,  others fish with me and I find they often learn more from observing my methods , retrieves and presentation of the fly or lure , we work together as a team to find and land those fish . We share the glory and we a lll dig in together when the going gets tough.  Putting my clients fly or lure in the most likely spot or first on a new mark is par for the course. I often experiment with alternative methods while the clients do what I regard a the most likely method . I fish from time to time with 1 or 2 clients aboard . I never fish when we are fishing 3 plus skipper 





A £100 Deposit is required to secure a booking. If the trip is cancelled for any reason by the Skipper then a full refund will be available. We will not be held responsible for any other loses incurred eg Hoilday accommodation travel costs . Cancellations by clients must be at least 60 days ahead of the scheduled charter and in writing , otherwise you risk losing the deposit if we can not re book the cancelled date. This is at our discretion .


Tackle loses and breakages on Zen2  


All loses or breakages of lures , tackle must be paid for. I only charge the trade price for these items in order to keep your costs down


Sorry I cant accept cheques !