Zen2  Bass Lure fishing is sponsored by Daiwa and Fiiish UK . The boat is rigged with Major Craft  7 foot rods,  alongside Daiwa Certate Reels . Thats pretty amazing and I am very proud of the work we do with sponsors  !! We fish a variety of Hard and soft lures. Fiiish Minnows and Crazy Eels obviously !


Fly fishing outfits are equally un compromising . Hardy Sintrix One Piece Fly rods, Nautilus Reels. Fly lines from Airflo . Saltwaterflies are tied by Skipper . 






I would recommend fishing rods 7 - 8 foot , with braided line 20 - 30 lb breaking strain . leaders at 15 - 25 lb fluro carbon . We fish plenty of rough ground so dont go too light 



I would suggest a handful of sub surface hardlures along with both subtle and loud surface lures . Z Claw - Patchinko - Sammy - Gunfish - Allie Mag sliders 


Soft lures 

Weedless Senko type lures along with weighted slugs at 5 - 15 g , Xlayers - Sluggos - Waveworms . K Tech sexy impact , Sunslicker lures are great too 


Fiish Minnows and other Paddletails

Fiiish Minnows and Crazy eels are the bread and butter of our lure fishing , also Savageear Sandeels . We fish these 15 - 100 g .


12 - 25 - 40 - 60 g Fiish minnows are amazing . 




I always pursue large Bass rather than school bass so rig accordingly . Rods 8 - 10 weight 

Fly lines 

We fish Floating lines with Poppers and Gurglers . I would reccomend fishing 9 weights for surface work , 9 weight for intermediate lines and 9 - 10 weight for heavy sink lines . We fish fast sinking lines 60 % of the time 



Keep it simple is the answer. We fish classic bucktail Clousers alingside synthetics , My Livebail fly still remains the strongest fish catcher on the boat . Dont go too small .I fish flies in the 1/ - 6/0 size and aversge out at size 2/0 


Gurglers - Poppers - Clousers - Livebail Fly weighted and unweighted - Decievers . Big Pike flies . Dont be bashfull , rig them big and bring a few heavy weighted flies . Big fish like big flies and deeper water in daylight hours 




I fish 20 lb Seguar Tapered flurocarbon leaders all day,  all year round 


Dont forget I have a webshop where most of these items can be purchased . uksaltwaterflies.com




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