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Where will we go tomorrow ?

Launching from multiple ports allows us to access the best locations depending the conditions and move with the fish , clients return and discover something completely new each time





Best Times: All year

Falmouth is the home port of Bass fishing Cornwall Zen2  and a sheltered gateway to the Lizard Peninsular , The famous Manacles Reef .The white sand beaches of the Coverack. We also head East and fish the rugged sheltered coves on the Roseland Peninsular. Falmouth has great shelter from almost every wind direction. In the spring we see large numbers of Bass arrive along with Mackerel , Garfish and almost endless Pollack . The Helford River is a magical place to fish with excellent rough ground sections , great for Topwater , Soft plastic and Fly fishing for Bass with floaters or intermediate lines . We catch Cod close to shore (sometimes as shallow as 30 foot) from December through to April .


Best Times: All year

I have been saltwater fly fishing and lure fishing on the Camel estuary for several years. On the right day with the correct wind , tide and swell the fishing can be epic. 

The Camel is quite different to the South Coast estuary systems we fish and my approach is rather different at times. Light tackle and saltwater fly fishing are the prefered methods. We also have great fishing within a couple of miles of the estuary system. I have noticed over the years that the North coast Bass fight harder. I believe the stronger tides create stronger fish . Many clients who have fished with me in Falmouth over the years may enjoy a new set of surroundings !


Best Times: All year

Porthleven is a picture postcard Cornish fishing village , great pubs , great restaurants. The perfect base camp for a holiday in Cornwall. I came here in 1999 and wont be leaving for a while ! When the conditions and tides allow for a launch from Porthleven then we will be fishing the quiet rocky headlands of Mounts Bay , we sometimes head East and fish Lizard point. This system of reefs extending outwards creates a tidal race that is simply awesome. You need to know the area have a solid boat and take on the Lizard ! We also head west towards Penzance and fish offshore reefs and shallows. The far West is the place to be in the winter as vast shoals of Bass converge prior to spawning

Plymouth - Eddystone

 May / June

The 10 mile journey out to the stone is a time for contemplation and excitement , as the iconic lighthouse gets closer you can but wonder what awaits you. The vast shoals of launce arrive in the spring and soon after the Bas arrive. This is a big fish location and I love to get out there at first light. You need the correct conditions to get out there but its certainly worth the effort . The tide races through the reefs and we fish Paddle tails and fiiish Minnows across the rips. Fortune favours the brave and this place always has the potential for something special !

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Lure fishing the Eddystone May 2013 wuith the Bristol Bandits , always good for a laugh