Fishing has been my core profession since 2005. It all started in a spare bedroom when I first launched  This journey has taken me all around the globe, rod in hand. I have fished in Cuba, Seychelles, Costa Rica, Australia, Venezuela,  Mexico, Baja , Andaman islands,  Canada , USA.,  Ireland , Chanel Islands

I prefer Bass fishing in Cornwall !

I find the Cornish Coastline a constant source of inspiration. This  fuels my desire to fish every day I possibly can. Sharing old secrets while discovering new  ones with clients is what drives me. Saltwater Fly fishing for Bass was the foundation of everything that has happened . These days I am just as happy fishing Topwater Lures or weightless soft plastics in the shallows. We fish Paddle Tail Shads a great deal of the time . We fish ultra light Vertical .

I draw inspiration from the French Bass scene. 


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